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Welcome to HQ Aero Management Inc., a leading aviation recruitment services company.

HQ Aero started operations in June of 2000 in a small office in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Our mandate was simple. Supply the best possible personnel to the aviation community, with the most reasonable cost base. We stated at the time our goal was quality not quantity. Over a decade later we have been fortunate to build a customer base that agrees with our principles. HQ Aero has continued to grow in their services of providing the best contract aviation labor and providing exceptional recruiting services. This necessitated the need for our relocation from Clarksburg to our present head office in Bridgeport, West Virginia.

Based on our growth and the continuous request for our exceptional aviation staffing services, HQ Aero opened an additional location in Oviedo, Florida in 2006 to offer the best aviation recruiting customer service to all our southern clients.

HQ Aero’s Corporate Philosophy: “To do what we say we are going to do, and treat our employees and customers with respect.”

Quality, Reliability, and Experience… Our people make the difference!!


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iStock_000000715179MediumNo matter what your area of expertise, our recruiters are standing by to help you find the right fit for your job needs. Whether you have a background in aviation mechanics, quality assurance, engineering or fabrication, HQ Aero can get you the best opportunities possible for the advancement of your career.

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