29 January 2020

Composite Technicians – Littleton, CO

Composite Technicians – Littleton, CO


HQ Aero is currently recruiting for experienced Composite Technicians for openings in Littleton, CO.


  • Aerospace paint, aerospace primer and other aerospace coating application using spray, brush, swab techniques.
  • Surface prep, using grit blast, hand abrade and power abrasion techniques.
  • Prepreg and wet layup fabrication techniques, including vacuum bag processing, bonding, and oven/autoclave curing.
  • Tooling fabrication from various materials such as aluminum, composites, and wood.
  • Working with small shop power tools (saws, routers, sanders, and grinders).
  • Machine shop equipment operation (mill, lathe, table saw, band saw, etc)
  • Assembly of composite/mechanical structures including setup, bonding, and fastener applications.
  • Operation of measuring devices such as calipers, height gages, micrometers, and torque wrenches.
  • Installation and torqueing of fasteners, drilling, installation of rivets, adhesive bonding, measurement and shimming interfaces to close tolerances.
  • Additional Technician responsibilities also include attention to detail, use of personal protection equipment, ability to work in small teams and work to established schedules.
  • Employee’s should be able to work overtime as required and weekends if needed.


  • 1-3 years of Composites experience.
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent.
  • A&P Certification or 2 year degree is preferred.
  • Criminal Background Check required.
  • Compliant to FAA Drug and Alcohol screening and background checks mandatory.


HQ Aero provides guaranteed HASSLE FREE weekly payroll, along with direct deposit on first pay, per diem for eligible applicants, and payroll advances. Additional benefits offered to HQ Aero Technicians: Travel pay and longevity bonuses offered on majority of our contract assignments. Referral bonus is also offered to all of our technicians.

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To apply for this job email your details to Resumes@hqaero.com

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