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Career Development

For the Employee…

Many of us are too busy to even start thinking of improvements to our current job and we would not be even close to envisioning a promotion or another opportunity. We tend to just be stuck on our short-term thinking, but what if we set some time aside to determine what we enjoy and find a way to enhance those skills.

A few points to keep in mind to drive success while on the job!

1. Stay Current

Search for courses and training sessions to expand your understanding of your field. New strategies have evolved that could be relevant and it is a good practice to stay up to date on your job and industry.

2. At work programs

Most workplaces have a mentorship program or if they do not you can try to find someone willing to mentor you who you think can add to your career development. Sometimes this is a great opportunity to learn and gain some insight into other related jobs in your field.

3. Keep moving!

Consider the idea of lateral moves within your company to extend and strengthen your knowledge. We have all experienced being stagnant and exposing ourselves to different jobs can add scope to what you do and improve your proficiencies.

4. A plan

It is essential to have a written career plan, it will keep you focused on what is important to you and the direction on how you can accomplish it. No plan can at times make you can feel lost, and you will have no benchmark against which you can measure your progress and in turn your success and achievements.

5. Networking

Look for ways to connect with coworkers and gain some understanding about current opportunities that are available. This could potentially expand your knowledge in your field and at the same time offer direction for your career plan. Networking keeps you current on job market trends and give you resources that you might not have found on your own that will encourage your career development.

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