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Interview Suggestions From Our Staff @ HQ

With the world quickly evolving around online interviews not only do we have to check our audio and whether we are on mute. We must be prepared to communicate why we are a good fit for the position. It gives us a chance online or in-person to discuss our experience and technical skills as well as highlighting our soft skills. Preparation is extremely important before attempting to nail an interview.

Here are some of our personal staff tips to help you on your next interview!

1. Review your Resume & the Job Description

You can review your resume to make sure it is accurate so that it can be a reference for you when you are being interviewed. The job description will tell you about the job and what exactly the employer is looking for. Go over the qualifications, duties and responsibilities to get comfortable with the organization’s expectations.

2. Research the company

This is where the internet comes in handy, visiting the company’s website and looking at staff reviews is a good way to learn about the company’s mission and vision statements, values and culture. This can help you understand how they stand out or are different from their competitors. Information that you gather can also help in deciding whether you will be a good fit in the organization.

3. Prepare some questions for a dry run and for the interviewer

You can use your resume and the job description to prepare some interview questions that could be about your previous experience and qualifications. Be prepared to have some examples ready to describe instances where you used some of your highlighted skills. Most of the time in the final stages of your interview the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions. It is good practice to always have a couple of questions prepared. This would be a good time to ask questions about the company and specific questions about the job.

4. Be Respectful to everyone

We have the possibility to meet many people in the organization on our way to the interview; the receptionist, someone from the People and Culture team who might show us the way to the interview room and everyone you see as you are walking through the company. Sometimes we are so nervous we do not realize how important it is for us to be friendly and polite to everyone we meet. It is possible that after the interview the interviewer can consult those people after the interview and ask their opinions on how well you will fit into the company’s culture.

5. Preparing your attire in advance

I always find it helpful to try a couple of outfits and see which one you will wear. This will save time and help you decide whether you want something new.

Remember the other non-verbal ways we communicate in an interview:

By being on time for your interview it shows that you are respectful of time and that you have time management skills. You can also further display this quality by paying attention to the time you spend on each question.

Being confident and showing it helps convince the interviewer that you are confident in your qualifications stated for the job.

Pay attention to how you might come across to the person interviewing your tone, being concise, and speaking clearly is key. Taking the time to listen to the question is also particularly important and answering the questions honestly will give you a good start.

Remember your facial expressions, body language and posture can tell a person a lot about you during a conversation. Eye Contact is important to show that you are engaged in the conversation.

All the best,
The HQ Team


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